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I.R.IRAN is embarking on an undoubtedly road that in this serious matter, Improving the health indicators of society has utmost importance. Insofar as, this matter is also well known based on macro-economic resistance policies and health policies, submitted by Supreme Leader of Iran.

Tehran Electric Co. as the leading company in the field of medical equipment and affiliated to Kosar economic organization, by using expert and skilled team, has a key tasks in the field of serving to the public health system.

Improvement in the processes and activities of the company, Reinforcement Strengths and eliminate weaknesses as well as assessments relating to quality management systems, is in the company's agenda.

Tehran Electric Co. with a history of more than half a century in the business climate of the Iran, has reviewed its strategic approaches in order to play an effective role in the Iran’s health system.

Making an agile, noble and responsible organization, becoming one of the top companies in the field of medical and pharmaceutical and moving forward on the production and export, are strategic priorities of Tehran electric company.

The most important strategic issues include the following:

  • Development of scientific innovation in the production of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment who has international standards and quality.
  • Export the goods and achieving the goals of knowledge-based economy and sustainable job creation.
  • Providing health attachment for development projects/proposals in the field of healthcare.

Our vision in Tehran electric co is serving health services to our society and we hope take and effective steps in the field of healthcare in our country.


Meysam Maddah

General Manager and Chairman of Board