Tehran Electric History

Tehran Electric History:

Tehran Electric Company (PJSC) with registration number 12680, was established in 1969 and started its activities by importing products of Toshiba, and then beginning to produce it in Iran. Also alongside enabled Candy’s company products line and at some point medical equipment from companies SIMENS, GE imported through the Tehran electric to Iran.

Tehran electric is also has made significant activities in the field of home appliances such as: fridge freezer of CANDI company, washing machines, dishwasher BRANT co., Toshiba, Ignes, camera Hinmaxm, maya, belen Aver, watches Seiko - Battery Toshiba, etc…

After the Islamic revolution in Iran, ownership of the company in 1979 transferred to the national industries organization about three years and on 1987, 84% of the Tehran electric stock transferred to Kosar Economic Organization (affiliated to martyr and Veterans Affairs Foundation) and since then ever, board members of the company were elected directly by the Kosar Economic Organization.

Tehran Electric Company officially began its activity in the field of medical devices on 1976 and for the first time, imported imaging systems from manufacturers like: Toshiba - Comed - Listem - Mindray – SAMSUNG Medison and in recent years, medical equipment from Elmed, Brunswick, Welld, etc…

Company now has exclusive representation from Somethy S.A.S (French Mfg. hydrotherapy tubs) and Daesung (Korean Mfg. X-ray film processor).

Since 1988, Tehran electric continued its activities specialize in the field of medical equipment and introduced as a brand of medical equipment in Iran’s market. Nowadays, the majority of Iranian radiologists remembering Tehran electric co. as a supplier of imaging systems.

Tehran Electric Company since 2008 acquired license to leave the bidding process and in accordance with Article 55 paragraph 2 of the Note Trading Regulations University of Medical Sciences in Iran, has proceeded to equip private and governmental health centers, hospitals and supplying needed medical goods for University of Medical Sciences in Iran such as: Rahimi hospital of Shahre-Kord city, Persian Gulf hospital of Bushehr city, Shohadaye Tajrish hospital of Tehran city, Valian hospitals of Aligudarz city and also 12 big rehabilitation centers of martyr and Veterans Affairs Foundation.

Tehran Electric Company on 26.April.2015 was awarded the license for pharmaceutical companies and is working in the field of effective service in the healthcare sector, especially for respectable Martyrs and Veterans families.

With the arrival of the new management, Tehran Electric goals exceeded from importing medical equipment and according to policies of supreme leader of Iran based on the strength of the economy (resistive economy), production and exports have seriously considered by company, and undergraduate research and study in this area began.