About Tehran Electric co.

Tehran Electric co. (a half governmental company) affiliated to Kosar economic organization that owned by Martyr and Veterans Affairs Foundation of I.R.IRAN, is one of the top companies in the field of medical equipment in IRAN with half a century of experience in producing medical equipment, Hospital equipping and consulting services on health technology projects.


Our Business Activities


*. Current representatives of company:

  1. Radiography processor from DAESUNG Corporation, South Korea
  2. Hydrotherapy bath tubs from SOMETHY S.A.S, FRANCE


*. Consulting services in the field of:

  1. Advice on supplying medical equipment four medical centers, including medical devices, laboratory and radiology equipment and other requirements.
  2. Advice on equipping and commissioning, ranging from hospital treatment projects, etc...
  3. Consulting and technical management in building and equipping health units and clinics of hospitals, sports clubs and rehabilitation centers after obtaining the necessary licenses, Importing and purchasing all required equipment and instruments.
  4. Importing of all medical goods, including: MRI, CT, digital X-ray, digital mammography, medical ultrasound and echo devices, surgical instruments, anesthesia machines, all kind of ambulances indifferent types and etc..., from reputable brands who approved by Iran M.O.H, after sales services and technical Supports.
  5. Participation and investment by all domestic and foreign legal persons/companies and do all that is beneficial to achieving the company's goals.
  6. Equipping the cultural, sports and rehabilitation complex affiliated to Martyr and Veterans Affairs Foundation of I.R.IRAN, which until now, it's 22 centers are ready for operation with a cost of 350 billion I.R.R through the funding and cooperation of economic Kosar organization.


  • Our company has cooperated for equipping A to Z, with more than 70% of medical universities/colleges and affiliated medical centers and hospitals in IRAN, as follows: 200 beds Bushehr city hospital, 200 beds Shahre-kurd city hospital, Faruj city 24 beds and Abyek city (affiliated to University of Medical Sciences Qazvin) hospitals, Nick-shahr city 64 beds, Zehak city 48 ​​beds, Helmand city 32 beds, Rask city 32 beds, etc....
  • Our company is the co-executor of agreement between the buyer (governmental medical universities, public and private medical centers/hospitals) and suppliers (companies who are internal manufacturer or exclusive agents of foreign manufacturers)